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St. Augustine Feb 4th 1863

Dear Wife

I was very happy to receive the Box you sent which arrived on the Steamer Delaware, last night I got it about the middle of the A.M. & as we have been on Batallion Drill with other duties I have not had time to write today and as the Boat leaves in the morning & I also on guard so that I write a line tonight, saying that all the things in the Box came all safe & in good order, I am very much pleased & thank you for your trouble the Boots & Shoes fit me first rate & I am better pleased with them than I thought to be they fit better than ever a shoemaker measure did I think for the future I shall measure myself, I have has so good luck, give my respects to the man that made them for the good workmanship.

I assure you when I saw those things I thought of Home. Sam is very much pleased with his things; the Box had been opened & the Butter jar looked into but I guess they did not find anything contraband for I believe everything in the schedule has arrived I am writing with my slippers on & they are very comfortable, it is blowing a gale the Boat may not leave in the morning but as I am on guard I shall not have time to write as I am busy all day & it takes two hours to write out my Report which I have to do in the Eve, It is reported that 10,000 men have arrived at H.H. & that 5,000 more are coming if so I think there will be an attempt to do something, I venture the prediction that Charleston will be a second Richmond in strength & the S.C. Land will drink Yankee blood like water; Many think that our Gun-Boats will take it easy. I fear not, it is a Firey-Furnace all round the City that will spout fire like Vesuvius, still I want to be there to see I hope it will not prove so bad as I anticipate, but they have had two years to fortify which tells the whole story I think. You wrote that the Soldiers from E wrote home discouraging letters if they get so in three months what will the Pups do when they have been out as long as we have, I had rather run the risk of a Battle than another fortnights Picket that we done at Beaufort when they get into a climate that kills them every day they will begin to think the Lord is not on their side.

There was some pretty red eyes when the Secesh left the other day about 300 went & I expect there will more go on the Delaware. I dont think it will do much good after all as it tends to make them ugly & more savage it is Tattoo. Good night,

Yours as Ever

                                    C Shedd

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