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Camp Hale Dec 5, 1861

My Dear Wife & Children

I have just got my Certificate of Enlistment. there is a difference of opinion [     ] decide sometime on regard to it. we have not got our Board money yet expect it every day but dont know when it will come there is no particular news stirring I am in hopes to get off a couple of days to go Father but dont know as I can as the Col is very strict I have been Drilling the Co in the Manuel of Arms it is said we are the Crack Co of the Regt I have written to Gove about that Bill told him I would turn it at Cox,s I owe C Houston something he will present the Bill I presume prehaps he would like those carrots let him have them if he will allow a fair price I wish James would see [     ] Shaw and set those Leadders at N. Lebanon John Fallansbee will tell him about him I saw Shaw at Lebanon he thought he would buy them at 10 cts aft the Hooks thrown in they will come to 10 or 12 dollars more or less. I have just got back from Dress Parade and will commence writing again I have been stingy of my Doughnuts and have not eaten them all yet I am well except my cold which is not well yet. Miner is here & is gaining he looks much better than he did Fred Black was here yesterday he lives at Dumbarton his family is well Floyt was here the other night to see me he is selling Patents yet, I will begin again I have just been...a change in the morning we shall have Coffee Bread & Beef for Dinner Bread Coffee & Beef except the Coffee we shall have water so that we have a change three times a day it is rumored that we shall not leave the state and all sorts of rumors I dont take much stock in any of them

This is a splendid looking regt on Parade with their Dress Coats on, the lines extending about 40 rods

I settled with Gust Walker at Concord got a little money enough to pay the assessment on Insurance I am waiting to get my board money and [     ] Kiss Ada Anna & my Baby Lily tell them to be good Girls tell them Father thinks of them many times a day & night.

Thayer & I have fixed a place & we sleep side by side. I think I [     ] to have those Socks made as we spoke of with a Leather sole; my nightcap whips the crowd there is a number wished to buy it. I sold that Pipe within 1/2 hour after I got back for $1.00 to have my pay when we get pd off, write to me soon. have the north end of the barn banked up as soon as you can; so it will not freeze in the cold if the wood saw is out of order have Arnold Johnson fix it he will do it the best of any one and as cheap I am getting to be the most popular man in the Co if they could have their own way they would put me in Capt I think.

all the Officers come to me for advice and the men call on me to dicide all military questions that they have in [     ] I cant think of any of any thing more to write I send the certificate and shall send a writing to James Huse to get the money of the Town as soon as I can

Yours &c C. Shedd

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