Alberto del Pozo

1945 - 1992

On February 25th 1998, the Campilli Family, in memory of Carlos Campilli, donated to the University of Miami Library Cuban Heritage Collection (CHC) the Oricha Collection consisting of 17 original illustrations and limited edition lithographs, boxed sets of note cards with envelopes, and exhibit catalogs. According to the gift agreement, the Campilli Family authorizes the CHC to offer the lithographs, note cards, and catalogs for sale: "as part of its fundraising efforts." To obtain a price list, please call 305 284-4900 or send an email to

The Oricha Collection pays homage to the primary gods and goddesses that comprise the Afro-Cuban religion of Santería. Each pen, crayon, and ink illustration measures 40 by 30 inches. University of Miami art historian, Professor Marcilene K. Wittmer, describes del Pozo's portraits as follows:

"Alberto del Pozo's Orishas are most fascinating as a blend of European style and Afro-Cuban iconography with his own personal feel for pattern. And I think that pattern is the particularly wonderful thing about these images. His use of patterns is highly personal and expressive at the same time that it reflects typically African qualities of bold contrasts, simultaneous rhythms, off beat phrasing, etc.
For example the portrait of Yemayá seems to be bubbling and percolating, with the area of her image floating against the blue background, perfect for a siren. The frame is broken up into many small units of different colors which suggests beadwork, perfect for her love of ornament. In contrast, the portrait of Changó is boldly centered with intersecting lines crossing at right angles everywhere and in red, effectively conveying his violent, powerful nature."

-- Marcilene K. Wittmer, Ph.D.