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St. Augustine March 26/63

Dear Wife & Children

I recd yours of the 8th today & am glad to hear you are gaining in health & that the children are all well. the Package came safe Stink needles & Awls. I dont know but you think I am getting foppish but that is not so for I concidder my market has been made for a good many years.

I am tired tonight I have been out in charge of a fatigue Party of 36 Men cutting & burning bushes & have been on my feet all day. I have got to go on Picket for 24 hours in the morning & have but little time to write as I am told the Mail leaves Sat & I shall come off Picket Sat morning. there is not much stirring here, I think there is a prospect of the Regt staying here for sometime to come as Col Abbott & Maj Henderson are planting a garden, I judge from that and other indications, that we shall stay sometime longer. Two men of Co. G. Rolling & Reynolds deserted the other day while on Picket, Capt Leavitt with 6 or 7 men on horses started in pursuit, and caught them about 20 miles out, & brought them back. they came up with them at 11 at night, they supposed the Horsemen to be Reb Cavalry & steped out into the road, & asked them if they were the Patrol, [     ] Jacobs answered yes; upon which they said they were glad to see them; but they soon found out their mistake & are now in the Gd House with a Ball & Chain on as candidates for Court Martial, & will probably by elected to be shot as all Traitors ought to be. The Children write to have me get my Picture it is impossible as there is no Photographer in Fla as I know of. Mine has recd a town report I see by that, that L. Augusta Shedd has recd $80 State aid & Calvin Shedd $12 I dont see the point why they didnt put it all in one

Eve with some soldiers kicked up a row with some Niggers last night & this morning the Provost Marshall put him in the Gd House I dont think it will be very serious. I am very much pained to hear of the death of Mr. Marey he was one of the best of men. I shall write to Father soon & am glad to hear you have written him. I recd the Mirror you sent today & the one James sent with the speech but no others for a long time. I dont see where they go to. There are no signs of a Paymaster yet & am afraid we shall have to wait a long time yet; but write me if you get hard up whether I can help you or not. I must close for tonight & will write another line if I can get time before the mail leaves

Yours as Ever

C Shedd

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