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St. Augustine Feb 22nd 63

Dear Wife

I have Mailed a letter to you & one to each of the children today, if the steamer does not leave too suden I shall send this by this mail. the other day Co. C. was grumbling that the pork was not good & wanted someone to carry some of it to the Col no one seemed inclined to volunteer, and some one remarked that there was not a man in the Co. that dared to go, at that Sam said "I aint afraid to go" so he took a plate with several slices of pork & started. he went to the Col,s Quarters & told him he had brought some pork & wished him to examine it the Col took it and smelled it an cut a peice & ate it. then looked up at Sam & said "You God D___nd little Runt go to your quarters, the Pork is good, I had as lief eat it as not" Lt Williams or Ned will appreciate this bit of a story, the boys banter Sam & tell him the Col wants more meat well says Sam "He be d___nd if I carry him any more anyhow."

24th I have held off to the last minute in finishing this letter, the mail will go at 11,o,clock I have nothing in particular to write. my health I think is improving & I hope this will find you perfectly restored, we have all sorts of rumors, that Peace is declared, & that 75,000 of our Troops have laid down their arms & gone home, with others quite as absurd, two contrabands came in yesterday & report a "right smart Chance of rebel Soldiers in middle Fla." I wish they would come round these Diggins! I have just paid Mrs Riddell $10.00 for four weeks Board I am thinking she will get no more till pay day. I trust we shall get some pay in the course of three or four weeks, I have just been interrupted to drill the Co. & have forgotten what I was going to write. I have got to close immediately I have had a ride twice on my Poney I believe I feel better for it I think after she gets in a little better order I can let her enough to pay for keeping so it will not cost me much, I send you $10.00 two Greenbacks; with the 10 I sent the other day makes $150.00 in all I will close with love to you all as Ever

C Shedd

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