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St. Augustine Feb 17th 1863

Dear Wife

The Steamer has made two attempts to get out but was obliged to put back on acct of thick weather I presume she will try again today, dont know as I can get this in as I presume the Mail is on board, there is nothing new since I wrote the other day. except the Rebels Butchered a Deserter in this wise two Deserters come in here sometime since took the Oath & stoped here till the other day they got passes to visit their Families some thirty miles out, when one of them arrived home he found some of the Neighbours wives there, they left soon after; in a short time some of his folks saw two men that belonged to the same Co. "he deserted" approaching he fled but was pursued & shot through the Bowels; & lived only half an hour; the other man secreted himself in a swamp & yesterday came here, they dont have much mercy on deserters. My clothes smell bad after washing from the soap or other causes; now can you send me something by mail, that will make them "Stink Good" I think Chandler might get up something. I presume a vial wrapped in paper "well pasted" would come safe; it wont cost much to try it!

the last Papers I have seen tell of nothing but Treason in the Army & North. I wish an Army would march from the Mississippi to Eastport. build a Gallows all the way & hang it full of the D___ed Submissionists. if the North was only united we could crush the Rebellion in a year all nice & straight as a string. this Treason at North is the first thing that has looked discouraging, that is awfull,

My health is pretty good but I cant stand fatigue any little extra exertion worries me all out but I feel much better than I have most of the time for 8 months, I send you a $10 Green-Book for fear you will need it, as there are no signs of pay, & we may not get pay this three months, I dont think of more to write & it is Drill time I will close.

Yours &c

                                      C Shedd

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