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Dec 5th

We are feeling elated as a Steamer has just hove in sight I trust with a mail I have not got on Duty yet, but am much better & am calculating to be off the sick list tomorrow or next day at farthest I should be pretty well if my Bowels & liver would do their duty. I am extremely positive, but I hate to take Physic. The Boys made a Grand Hurrah when the Steamer was reported, I wish you could see with what eagerness they watch for a Mail & how happy they are in getting letters; if their Friends could see them once I am sure they would not grudge the time & labor but would write oftener. there is nothing new here to disturb the usual routine of Garrison Life; most every day discharged or deserting Rebels come in & take the Oath. They look bad Dirty with poor & ragged Clothes. Our men I think would mutiny if they were as badly off as the Rebels they are armed with old muskets or shotguns & very poor at that. they tell all manner of stories about the War which are not very reliable.

Eve. I am in Luck the steamer has not come in but the Mail came on the Pilot Boat & I have rec;d yours of the 16th & 23rd, also a letter from Lt. Williams, I was sorry to hear that you were sick & caution you to be careful I fear the Dyptheria may get hold of some of you if it does the chances are as bad as in War, dont let the Children expose themselves if you can possible help it You dont know what a blow it would be to me if any of you should be taken away as it is not my style to show all my feelings. You write that you never knew how to prize till since I have been away; now, go way if I should get home, I should say or do something the first week that would vex you & you would wish the Devil had me forthwith You must not expect to much. realiseation is hardly ever up to the expectations, hence we are disapointed most always. If I should get home it would get to be an old story in a short time. & perhaps old or new difficulties to contend with; and perfect happiness in this world I believe is an Obsolete Idea at any rate I have lived most thirty seven years & dont see it yet. Speaking of those very respectable men that have got the --x you ask if that is not good I dont see it but you with the rest of the Grass Widows will if you dont keep clear of them. of course I dont wish to insinuate that any of you have had anything to do with them; but if the War should last long , the Flesh being weak & frail. That may be a timely caution how you wade in or rather where for if it gets to going in a neighborhood there is no telling where it will stop so dont put your fingers in a hole where there are Teeth for they may bite I want you to write me which you would prefer, hadnt you just a [     ] rather would get Drunk once in a while than to be caught in such a scrape as that not that any one ought or need do either, but men & women may be led to do both. apparently without cause. but I am a believer in the Doctrine that there is a cause for everything Especially Wh---ng & Drinking. now dont you honestly think I have kept pretty clear of the former & got most D--n-dly Bit by the latter. (I cry enough of that)

Mrs Ps good wishes with yours that I might have a Merry Thanksgiving you have undoubtedly heard ere this were not fully realised. the fact is I dont take much comfort in the Army & did not expect to so I am not disapointed on that point. it is about 11 and I will go to bed. I have taken Pills & shall have to route out before morning probably.


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