Board of Trustees remove all racial barriers in admission policies; first African American students attend UM

First doctoral degrees awarded


UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI LIBRARIES opens; building contains 193,000 square feet, accommodates 1,800 readers, and houses 585,000 volumes

President Pearson steps down; becomes University’s first Chancellor

Henry King Stanford named third President of the University of Miami

Arthur A. Ungar Computing Center opens; named in honor of 30-year member of Board of Trustees


Ground breaking for new student union

Establishment of the Center for Advanced International Studies

Institute of Molecular and Cellular Evolution begins to function


Dr. Jay F. W. Pearson dies

Establishment of the Center for Theoretical Studies

Olympic size pool added to student union; previously, swimming classes had been held at Venetian Pool in Coral Gables

Cuban Cultural Center established at Koubek Center


Martin Luther King Jr. lectures on campus

UM Student Union rededicated to honor Norman A. Whitten, director of the Union for 19 years and creator of Sebastian the Ibis


Co-ed housing approved

78 percent of student body supports involvement in Vietnam War

James M. Cox, Jr. Science Building constructed; final abandonment of Anastasia Building now possible

United Black Students (UBS) organized and led by Harold Long and William Butler

Anastasia Building is demolished

First two 12-story dorm towers erected; first known as 960 Buildings as they were designed to house 960 students


Black students sit-in in president’s office

Second set of 12-story dormitory towers constructed; originally called the ’68 Buildings, later renamed as McDonald and Pentland residence halls

Center for Urban and Regional Studies added

School of Nursing established


Janice Joplin sings on campus

In June the Institute of Marine Science becomes The School of Marine Science  and Atmospheric Science; on November 9,  it is renamed the Dorothy H. and Lewis Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS)