Coral Gables Campus
 in the Sixties
Interviews with President Stanford & Harold Long
In this 1986 interview, Dr. Henry King Stanford, President of the University of Miami from 1961 -1982, discusses the impact of the protest movements of the 1960s on UM, his relationship with various student and community activists, and his personal involvement with the civil rights movement.

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Part 2
Miami lawyer, Harold Long, discusses his experiences as a UM undergraduate student (1964-1968), as well as his days as a student at UM's School of Law (1968-1971). Harold Long was among the founders of the United Black Students, and served as that groups president until 1968. [Interviewed 1986]

Experiencing the Sixties

The streaming video clips include "The Sixties" course presentations by UM Faculty during the Fall Semester of 2002 and related interviews with UM student leaders and administrators from the Richter Library Oral History Collection.



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The Stanford, Long, Abrams and Yasser videos were digitized from the VHS originals in the William Bulter Oral History Collection and University of Miami 60th Anniversary History Oral History Collection in the University of Miami Archives & Special Collections, Otto G. Richter Library.

Coral Gables Campus
 in the Sixties
Interviews with Jim Yasser & Mike Abrams

Jim Yasser served as student body president at UM 1969-1970. In this 1996 interview Yasser discusses the politics of confrontation and activism that he participated in as a student leader, and the relatively young and liberal university administration that transformed UM in the early 1970s.

Mike Abrams, who was a student at the University of Miami from 1965-1969, served on the Florida Legislature for 4 years, and was a University of Miami trustee. In this 1996 interview he discusses campus reaction to the Vietnam War, student politics, fraternity life, the Ratskeller, and other topics pertaining to student life in the 1960s.

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