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Racetracks (Horse racing)
Radio and television towers
Railroad construction workers
Railroads, Elevated
Raleigh Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Rare Bird Farm (Miami, Fla.)
Rascal House Restaurant (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Real property
Red Adams Bus Lines
Red Top Cab and Baggage Co.
Rendale Hotel Pool and Cabana Club (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Resorts -- Rates
Richmond Cottage (Cutler, Fla.)
Richmond Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Richmond, S. H., 1897-1916
Ritz Plaza Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Riviera Country Club (Coral Gables, Fla.)
Riviera Plaza Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Robbins, George M.
Robert Clay Hotel (Miami, Fla.)
Robert Richter Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Roberts Beach Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Rod and Reel Club (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Roman Pools (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Romfh, Edward C.
Roney Plaza Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Roosevelt Apartments and Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
Royal Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Royal Palm Hotel (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Royal Palm Hotel (Miami, Fla.)
Royal Palm State Park (Homestead, Fla.)
Royal Poinciana (Hotel : Palm Beach, Fla.)