Music for the Eyes: Manuscripts from the Frank Cooper Facsimile Collection

Music for the Eyes: Introduction


A facsimile edition is one that recreates the appearance of an original hand-written manuscript.  The most authentic facsimiles replicate the size, colors, paper, binding and physical condition of the original.  These editions are used as tools for study by students, teachers, and researchers who might not have access to the original material.

The Weeks Music Library houses a growing collection of facsimiles of music manuscripts dating from the 12th to the 20th centuries. Some highlights of the collection include the fourteenth century Codex Huelgas which reproduces the stitches used to repair torn pages.  The fifteenth century Squarcialupi Codex is highly illuminated in gold with full color portraits of each composer whose works appear in the anthology.  The heart shaped Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu is filled with songs of courtly love and highly decorated with miniature figures, flowers and other designs. These editions offer a stimulating sensory experience and help bring music history to life for our students and faculty.

Thanks to the generosity of Professor Frank Cooper’s family and friends, the Weeks Music Library was able to acquire these beautiful reproductions of major music manuscripts. The Music Library is pleased to present a digital sampling of this collection, for the enjoyment of our patrons.

Note from Professor Frank Cooper

Note from Frank Cooper