Gallery 7

Deep Blue: Caribbean American Statements (2005)

June 9 – July 30, 2005
Curated by Juan “Erman” Gonzalez
Being Caribbean is an amalgam of influences arising out of European, African, and Indigenous cultures. This group exhibition showcasing a variety of media and, artists from throughout the Caribbean, “shows evidence (of) shared artistic roots among the islands: connections to the earth, the sea, agrarian and communal life,” according to Tampa Weekly Planet writer, Mary Mulhern. “Deep Blue” show celebrates the art and life of the African-Caribbean-American experience in painting, ceramics, sculpture and, mixed media. This exhibit features a dynamic cast of sixteen artists.

That's What's Poppin'

August 11 – September 30, 2005
Curated by Rodney Jackson
Pop Art highlights everyday life and popular culture, continuously pushing for a bridge between “high arts” and “low arts”. Television, magazines, comics, billboards, and consumer products all serve as a source for this art form. This group exhibition highlights artists exploring the intermingling of pop and urban culture and their impact on sequential art. Five contemporary Miami based artists are presented including comic book veteran, Grey; sequential artists, R. Jackson and Caiphus Moore; photographer, Noelle Theard; and emerging fine artist Memo.

Andree Louise Ferdinand:  After the Storm (2005)