About this Project


"As Far as the Eye/I Can See" is the product of a 2008 Digital Library Fellowship awarded by the University of Miami Libraries to Dr. Patricia Saunders, a Caribbean scholar and Assistant Professor in the Department of English. Digital Library Fellowships are offered to Coral Gables campus faculty interested in collaborating with the Libraries' Digital Initiatives group to create innovative new electronic scholarly content to support the teaching, learning, and research goals of the University of Miami.

Dr. Saunders' Fellowship constitutes the most recent fruit of a sustained collaboration between the Libraries and the Department of English's Caribbean Literary Studies program. Since 2003, the Libraries have published Anthurium, a bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original works by Caribbean writers and scholars worldwide. Prior to that, the Libraries collaborated with Caribbean Literary Studies to digitize and provide on-line access to the video archives of the Caribbean Writers Summer Institute. "As Far as the Eye/I Can See" seeks to further enrich the University of Miami's digital collections of Caribbean content by creating an open access, searchable web site featuring video and audio interviews, photographs, biographies, and professional resumes by and about Caribbean artists, RSS feeds of prominent Caribbean art critics, and other information on and by Caribbean artists, critics and research centers. Selected resources created for this presentation will also be added to the University of Miami Libraries Digital Initiatives archive web site.


University of Miami, Department of English

Patricia J. Saunders,
  Assistant Professor

Michelle Ramlagan
  Graduate Student
  Department of English

University of Miami Libraries

Anthony D. Smith
  Director of Digital Initiatives, Resources, and Services

Kyle Rimkus
  Digital Projects Librarian

Bryanna Herzog
  Digital Media Services Manager

Lyn MacCorkle
  Digital Project Development & Repositories Librarian

Alex Thacker
  Student Web Development Assistant, Digital Project Development


"As Far as the Eye/I Can See" was built using Drupal, a PHP-based open source content management system that supports modular development and customization.  Add-ons include the Pixture theme, KCKeditor, Lightbox, and Mollom.  All streaming audio and video content is presented as Real Media files.