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Initial research for the exhibition was begun by Pedro Figueredo in 1995, as a component of his student work for a course in rare books and archives taught by Bill Brown through the University of South Florida School of Library and Information Science. The bindings appeared in an exhibition at the University of Miami Library from April 2-June 15, 1997. The project became a more collaborative effort as exhibition plans evolved to include a World Wide Web site for a "virtual exhibition" of the bindings.

At the request of James A. Findlay, Librarian, Bienes Center for the Literary Arts at the Broward County Main Library, the exhibition travelled to Fort Lauderdale appeared from July 14-September 19, 1997.

I wish to recognize a number of people who contributed to this worthy project. To Pedro Figueredo I offer my sincere thanks for his dedication and love of books. His enthusiasm and commitment to excellence are worthy goals for us all to emulate. To Nora Quinlan I extend my heartfelt thanks for her incredible professional acumen and her ability to see both the forest and the trees. Additional thanks are due to Frank Rodgers, Director of Libraries at the University of Miami, for his continuing support for the acquisition, promotion, and use of rare and unique scholarly research materials by students, faculty and interested researchers. Similarly, I wish to acknowledge the support of Micky Wolfson, Cathy Leff, and the staff of The Wolfsonian at Florida International University. Finally I would like to thank Jim Findlay for his invitation to display this exhibit at the Bienes Center for the Literary Arts in its inaugural year.


William E. Brown, Jr.
Nora J. Quinlan
University of Miami Library

Pedro A. Figueredo
Assistant Librarian
The Wolfsonian at Florida International University

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