The following individuals/groups have contributed immensely to the creation of this webpage, and to the success of History 300 as a course:

The staff of the Archives and Special Collections of Richter Library, especially but not exclusively Marcia Evanson, Paul Hamburg, Rochelle Theo Pienn, and Ruthanne Vogel;

William E. Brown, Jr

Edmund Abaka, Fred D’Aguiar, and Sandra Paquet

Daniel L. Pals, Chair, Department of History, and Don Bosseau, Director, University of Miami Libraries

Pyramid Photographics and Thompson Photo Imaging

Scanning performed on a Xerox Documage 620S scanner, generously donated to
the University of Miami Library, Archives and Special Collections Division
by the Xerox Corporation

Most of all, the students of History 300—thanks, folks it has been fun for me. And an extra special thanks to one of the students, Alain Lopez, who designed the webpage and put in many hours of work on making it run.

--Ed Baptist