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"Miami: A Troubled Paradise"
Metropolis (December 1995):
[Florida Theme Issue]
Edited by Dunlop, Beth.
Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts 23 (1998)
Adams, Adam G.
"Some Pre-Boom Developers of Dade County"
Tequesta 17(1957): 31-46.
Adams, Adam G.
Tequesta 15(1955): 29-39.
Bayley, John B.
"The Villa Vizcaya"
Classical America 3(1973): 67-93.
Bramson, Seth
"Railroad Stations in Dade County"
Tequesta 45(1985): 73-77.
Brown, William E., Jr., and Karen Hudson
"Henry Flagler and the Model Land Company"
Tequesta 56(1996): 46-78.
Carson, Ruby Leach
"Forty Years of Miami Beach"
Tequesta 15(1955): 3-27.
Carson, Ruby Leach
"Miami 1896-1900"
Tequesta 16(1956): 3-13.
Curl, Donald W.
"Joseph Urban's Palm Beach Architecture"
Florida Historical Quarterly 71(April 1993): 436-457.
Curl, Donald W.
"The Florida Architecture of F. Burrall Hoffman Jr., 1882-1980"
Florida Histoorical Quarterly 76(Spring 1998): 399-416.
Curtis, James
"Art Deco Architecture in Miami Beach"
Journal of Cultural Geography 3(Fall-Winter 1982): 51-63.

Friedman, Alice T.
"The Luxury of Lapidus: Glamour, Class and Architecture in Miami Beach"
Harvard Design Magazine 11(2000): 39-47.
George, Paul S.
"Brokers, Binders, and Builders: Greater Miami's Boom of the Mid-1920s"
Florida Historical Quarterly 65(July 1986): 27-51.
George, Paul S.
"Colored Town: Miami's Black Community, 1896-1930"
Florida Historical Quarterly 55(April 1978): 432-447.
George, Paul S.
"Passage to the New Eden: Tourism in Miami From Flagler Through Everest G. Sewell"
Florida Historical Quarterly 59(April 1981): 440-463.
George, Paul S., and Thomas Peterson
"Liberty Square, 1933-1987: The Origin and Evaluation of a Public Housing Project"
Tequesta 48(1988): 53-68.
Hailey, Charlie
"Southern Campsites: Florida's Vernacular Spaces from John Ruskin to the Tin Can Tourists of the World"
Southern Quarterly 42(Fall 2003): 75-96.
Harper, Paula
"Cuba Connections: Key West-Tampa-Miami"
Journal of Decorative Propaganda Arts 22(1996): 278-291.
Hinder, Kimberly
"Publix - Where Shopping was a Pleasure"
SCA Journal 19(Fall 2001): 4-13.
Lozano, Jose M.
"The Last Eclectics: Walter De Garmo and Richard Kiehnel in South Florida"
Southeastern College Art Conference Review (1990): 363-371.
MacFie, David
"Richmond Naval Air Station, 1942-1961"
Tequesta 37(1977): 38-50.
Mohl, Raymond A.
"Making the Second Guetto in Metropolitan Miami, 1940-1960"
Journal of Urban History 21(March 1995): 394-427.
Mohl, Raymond A.
"Stop the Road: Freeway Revolts in American Cities"
Journal of Urban History 30(July 2004): 674-706.
Mohl, Raymond A.
"Whitening Miami: Race, Housing, and Government Policy in Twentieth-Century Dade County"
Florida Historical Quarterly 79(Winter 2001): 319-345.
Olson, Arlene R.
"Building to Weather the Depression Decade 1933-1941"
Southern College Conference Art Review 9(Spring 1979): 164-172.
Sessa, Frank B.
"Miami in 1926"
Tequesta 16(1956): 15-36.
Sessa, Frank B.
"Miami on the Eve of the Boom: 1923"
Tequesta 11(1951): 3-25.
Shulman, Allan T.
"Miami Beach as Urban Assemblage: A Unique Culture of Housing"
The New City, Journal of the University of Miami School of Architecture 3(Fall 1996): 26-49.
Smiley, Nixon
"Pioneering in Suburbia"
Tequesta 50(1990): 5-38.
Smiley, Nixon
"Pioneering in Suburbia"
Tequesta 51(1991): 49-80.
Smiley, Nixon
"Pioneering in Suburbia"
52(1992): 51-90.
Wiggins, Larry
"The Birth of the City of Miami"
Tequesta 55(1995): 4-37.

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