Map showing the different lines of survey across Florida for a Canal between Espiritu Santo Bay and the St. Johns and Oklawaha Rivers


Smith, Lieut. M.H. Bryan, Lieut. F.T. Drake, A.E.


During the late 1840's and 1850's the population of middle Florida was increasing, and agriculture was becoming more popular as planters relied on slaves for labor. Transporting produce from middle Florida led to the idea of creating a canal across Florida's mid peninsula. The project was first discussed in the late 1840's and early 1850's then the surveys were carried out. Another canal was proposed, but it was also abandoned and a railroad was built there instead.
The map was created by the Bureau of Topographical Engineers and Lithografed by the George Ackerman Co. in New York


Ref: Tebeau
Servies #3950, 4138

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