State of Florida


Roeser, C.


This is the 1879 re-issue of the 1876 map by Roeser, draughtsman in General Land Office printed by Julius Bien in the “Geographical and political atlas of the states and territories of the United States in which the public land surveys are now in operation” under the direction of the commissioner J.A. Williamson. The original is folio size and clearly shows the areas that have been surveyed down to Barnes sound on the east coast and only to Caximbus Bay on the west coast. In the inland area, only the top parts of Monroe County and Big Cypress Swamp have been surveyed. The rest of the interior below Lake Okeechobee is designated as “Unsurveyed and unexplored” even though much activity went on there during the Seminole Wars (2nd and 3rd) several crossings of the Everglades had been made and a considerable number of islands, hammocks, and forts had been named on earlier maps. Another label of interest to residents of Miami-Dade County is the spelling of the city “Miama” which is what it was called by the early southern inhabitants.


Ref: Servies #6124

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