North America XIV Florida


Tanner, Henry Schenck (1786-1858)


This is another Tanner map issued by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK) in London. But this one was published by Thomas Letts who took over the publications for them in 1877. Some new counties have been added such as Brevard (created in 1855) and Lafayette (1856). Also some towns have been added such as Tampa and Miami which were not on the 1852 map by SDUK: More interior routes have been added, however, all in all the three SDUK maps shown are quite similar because the general outline and most geographical details are based on the same Tanner map (1834). The later maps though are less common on the marker than the 1834 issue. Thomas Letts gave up the publishing for the SDUK in 1885 to Mason and Payne. Even though the SDUK tried to save money by re-issuing or revising existing maps, they had a great impact on the diffusion of knowledge through maps.


Ref: Cain, Mead T. The maps of the society for the Diffusion of useful knowledge. A publishing History article in Imago Mundi, the international journal for the History of Cartography. No 46. P.151. London, 1994. Tooley

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