Gray, Ormando Willis (1869-1889)


This map shows Florida with 3 7 counties and the two earliest railroads. The northernmost extends from Jacksonville west to beyond Tallahassee with a branch going north into Georgia from Suwannee County. The other railroad is from Fernandina on the east coast to Cedar Keys on the west coast. A short one goes west from St. Augustine to the St. John's River. The west coast railroad by Platte would come later followed by Flagler's east coast railroad. We still don't see any designated townships or ranges in Monroe County or in western Dade County. Tampa Bay is still called Espiritu Santo as it was in the early Spanish period. Palatka is spelled Pilatka, etc. An inset shows a plan of the Florida Keys with most of them named, but another remnant from the Spanish Period is Cayo Largo for Key Largo.
This map was in Gray's Atlas of the United States published by Stedman, Browning and Lyon in Philadelphia until 1875


Ref: Tooley p.261
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