County Map of Florida


Mitchell, S. Augustus (1792-1868)


The Mitchell maps of Florida are among the most common and available. They vary from date to date depending on the formation of countries or changes in the boundaries. However, they do not always show the most recently created counties or boundary changes. For instance, on this 1872 map there is no Polk County which was created in 1861 and is between Hillsborough on the west, Brevard on the east, Sumter on the north and Manatee on the south. The northern border of Dade County angles southeast from Lake Okeechobee to Hillsboro Inlet (no relation to Hillsborough County, which is the “oro” spelling used on this map for the western peninsula county at Tampa Bay.
This edition has the Florida map with an inset of Mobile, Alabama. Though Mobile was no longer part of West Florida after the Second Spanish period.


Ref: Phillips Atlases

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