U.S. Coast Survey St. Augustine Harbor


Bache, Alexander Dallas (1846-1895)


This detailed chart of St. Augustine Harbor is labeled “Preliminary Chart of _._” But the soundings, sand bars, shallow areas, coastal details, etc., are similar to modern charts. There are also details written on sailing directions, tides, sounding, etc. Hardly any periods in Florida's history go without a chart or map of St. Augustine, the oldest (1565) permanent European settlement in what is now the United States. It is still a fascinating place to visit and is easily accessible by car.
As with most of these surveys, many people were involved in their production. The notations below the title give credit to B. Huger for triangulation, F.W. Dorr for topography, and Lt. A. Murray for the Hydrography. In addition to them, it was engraved by E.H. Sipe and A.C. Thompson, redrawn by F. Fairfax and S.B. Lanten, and lithographed by C. Knuckerbacker. So we see that it takes a lot of people and a lot of effort to produce one of these charts.


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