Johnson's Florida


Johnson, A.J; Browning, Ross C.


This is a popular commercially published map of Florida, which was drawn under the supervision of J.H. Colton and A.J. Johnson and published both by Colton in his General Atlas and by Johnson and Browning in New York.
The Third Seminole War ended in 1858, but the various Forts are shown in the peninsular part of the state. The label in the lower portion of the Everglades north of “Indian Hunting Ground” is “Mangrove and Pine woods” indicating the geographic diversity of the area in some swamp areas with mangroves and some dryer ridge land with Pine Trees.
The Cedar Key railroad is the most southern one on the west coast and only a road exists on the east coast as far south as Indian River Inlet. The proposed canal across the mid portion of the peninsula from the St. John's River to lower Hillsboro Bay is shown. It was never created.


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