F. Diagram of Tampa Land District


Westcott, John


Although the entire label is not on this copy, it is quite similar to an uncolored copy, with that label. This one fortunately shows more names in the interior of ports, landings, islands as well as names of rivers and lakes. The references in the left lower portion tell the specifics of numbers and letters in the townships. Pine Key (or Long Key) is shown just north of the southern shore which is called Indian Hunting Ground. That Key or island in the Everglades was later called Royal Palm State Park under the management of the Federation of Women's Clubs and eventually became headquarters of the Everglades National Park. The area shown in the northern part of Big Cypress swamp is “Country occupied by the Seminoles.” The designated Indian area shrank considerably since the 1846 Survey maps as the surveys progressed. This map, and other survey maps, were lithographed by A. Hoen & Co. of Baltimore, Maryland.


Ref: Servies # 4073

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