A plat exhibiting the state of the surveys of the State of Florida


Westcott, John


This is a map lithographed by A. Hoen and Co., Baltimore, Maryland. The Surveyor General's name is now spelled Westcott with a “t” in the middle even though the earlier versions have it spelled without the “t”. Also the Fort in the lower Everglades is also spelled with a “t” in Westcott. Servies lists them as the same person, but he should not be confused with James Westcott who was at one time Acting Governor of Florida in 1833.
The Third Seminole War was now going on (1855-1858), so the interior of the Everglades area shows forts and depots and the routes between them. These routes also extend into the central and northern part of the peninsula. Ft. King near the location of the Dade Massacre in 1835 is now Ft. Dade. The Miami River is now named- it was previously labeled Rio Ratones.


Ref: Sevies

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