U.S. Coast Survey . . . Coast of Florida


Bache, Alexander Dallas (1846-1895)


A.D. Bache was the superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey and consequently many of the charts are attributed to him. This particular one is “based on reconnaissance and observation by Ferdinand H. Gerdes,” a survey and a sketch by Capt. John C. Casey who was active in the Third Seminole War, particularly the surrender of the Indians at Tampa Bay. Capt. Casey became the Special Indian Agent in Florida. The emphasis is obviously on the West coast of Florida, particularly the area between Cedar Key and Charlotte Harbor. Another area worth even greater emphasis on triangulation as a method of surveying is the lower east coast and Keys from Miami; to Dry Tortugas. This area was one of the first where triangulation was used in Florida. This portion was contributed by Major H. Prince. Charting the coasts of Florida was one of the main concerns of the government as well as surveying the interior. A detailed chart of the East Coast of Florida was also issued, as well as detailed survey charts of the main harbors, islands, and bays. All of these will not be shown. The first of the Coast survey reports to include a map of Florida was by Bache in 1849. The first of this area 1852 and a later one in 1858 with insets of Charlotte Harbor and St. Johns River.


Ref: Servies # 3544, 3773, 3943

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