A plat exhibiting the state of the surveys in the state of Florida with references


Westcott, John


This is the second of Wescott's maps after he took over as Surveyor General in 1853. There is an inset of the mid- and lower keys although those between the Key Largo and Key West are not named. The sketch of the keys is based on a Coast Survey Report, 1848-51. Townships extend all the way to Cape Sable even though they have not been sectioned. The area below Long Key in the southern Everglades is labeled, “Indian Hunting Ground.” On other maps it is called Rocky Area or Lloyds L. An addition on this map just to the west is Ft. Wescott. In the 1855 version of his map it is spelled Westcott, there, and on the title of the map.


Ref: Servies

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