North America XIV Florida


Tanner, Henry Schenck (1786-1858)


This is actually a re-issue of the 1834 SDUK map, but Hillsborough and Monroe countries are left out of the southern peninsula even though they had been in existence when the 1834 was issued. Instead, the Lower Peninsula has a designated “District Assigned to the Seminoles” and “Pay-Hai-O-Kee or Grass Water” based on Vignole's map 1823 (q.v.). Oddly enough, Hernando County is shown north of Tampa bay. It was created in 1843, but not shown on official maps until 1850 when Benton County was changed to Hernando. It still showed Mosquito County even though it was abandoned in 1845 when Orange County was created. This map is therefore confusing from a county or chronological point of view. From Big Cypress to Key Biscayne Bay there is a line labeled “Passage for Small boats across the Everglades as reported by the Indians.” At that time the water level there was six to eight feet higher than now.
George Cox was the publisher for the Society of the Diffusion of useful knowledge (SDUK) in London from 1852-1856. J and C Walker were the engravers.


Ref: Servies Tooley

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