United States of North America. Die Staaten Von N. and S. Carolina, Georgia, and Florida


Radefeld, Major Carl Christian Franz (1788-1874)


This German map is shown because it was not common during this period for German map makers to show maps of early U.S. States separately. Radefeld was the main Cartographer for the publishing company, founded by Joseph Meyer (1796-1856) in 1826. The Bibliographies Institute for whom the map was made was run by Joseph Meyer's four grandsons. The map was issued in the Neuepster Zeitungs atlas in 1850. The Florida portion appears to be based on earlier maps, but the towns are more modern, indicating newer knowledge of the area. One of the four insets is of St. Augustine and its harbor.
The Joseph Meyer map of Florida published in 1845 was also drawn by Radefeld, but is slightly different. (q.u. under Territorial Period)


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