A plat exhibiting the state of the surveys of the state of Florida with references


Butler, Robert


This map is the same as his 1845 map but it shows the progress of the surveys. Those town ships with an “S” in the square have been sectioned or surveyed inside the boundary. Those with a “T” in the square have only the outer boundary completed. There are many more “S” labeled townships than in the 1845 map and townships have been extended into the southeastern tip and along Tampa Bay. However, those surrounding the Forbes Claim still have not been surveyed inside the sections. It is also still called Forbes Purchase. Butler completed his tenure as Surveyor General in 1849 and was replaced by Benjamin Putnam that year. His services to the state included fighting in the first Seminole War (1816) and officially receiving the state from Spain in 1821, agreeing that any Spanish settlers who wanted to leave were free to go to Cuba. Butler died in 1860.


Ref: Servies #3097

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