Map of the State of Florida


Hinton, John H.


This lithographed map has later coloring. It was published in the third edition of Reverend John Hinton's History and Topography of the United States. There are sixteen counties, the largest of which are in the peninsular portion, one of which (on the west coast) has no name with the term ""Seminole Indians"" covering it and the central portion of the peninsula. The eastern one ""Mosquito"" was created in 1824 and no longer exists. In the panhandle part of the state there is a ""Washington"" county but it was not created until 1846. The map is the same as an earlier version from the 1832 publication of Hinton's book (q.v.).
The line dividing the peninsular counties from Lake George to Lake Mayaca is similar to the English-Indian Treaty of Picolata (1795) dividing line that is close to the St. John's River.
The map was engraved and printed by James Archer, Fenner, Sears & Co.


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