Map of Florida according to the Latest Authorities


Cohen, Myer M.


This detailed map has the notation below the scale ""Corrected & Improved from data furnished by M.M. Cohen"". It was engraved by W. Keenan in Charleston and published by Burqes & Honour also in Charleston. The date of 1836 is the earliest it could have been done because it shows Dade County, which was established in 1836. The Everglades is shown north of Lake Mayaca (Lake Okeechobee). The military routes are mostly in the middle part of the state and the north coastal details and rivers are clearly shown. This reproduction is in the facsimile reprint of Cohen's book Notices of Florida and The Campaigns published in 1836 in which he describes the military campaigns during the beginning of the Second Seminole War with emphasis on those between St. Augustine and Fort Brooke in the area of present day Tampa. He was a volunteer in the army and served only four months in active duty, after which he returned to Charleston, S.C. where he had previously lived and had been a lawyer and a schoolteacher.



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