Map of Florida according to the Latest Authorities


Mitchell, S. Augustus (1792-1868)


This map is one of three on a large 17x21 inch multi-folded sheet that was issued in leather-covered cardboard binder measuring 3x5 inches. The Florida image itself is 11 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches labeled ""Florida & West Indies"". There are 16 counties with labels in the middle of the peninsula ""Indian Reserve and Seminoles"". Coastline details and rivers are fairly accurate.
The other two maps on the sheet are a large one of the West Indies and a smaller one of Comparative Elevation of the Principal Mountains Cities, etc., in North and South America.
Samuel Augustus Mitchell was a geographer and prolific map publisher in Philadelphia which was the main center of publication in the U.S. at the time. He succeeded Henry S. Tanner. He also ran a company in Philadelphia with Hinman which sold Mitchell's Tourist's Pocket Maps of various states among which this is one. His total number of maps is mind boggling. ""The decorative border of short horizontal parallel lines may have been engraved with a geometrical lathe which was invented by Asa Spencer around 1820.""


Ristow page 304

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