Copy of a Map of the Seat of War in Florida


Johnson, Lieutenant J.E.


This map shows the route taken by Major Francis Langhorne Dade from Fort Brooke on Tampa Bay on his way to Fort King. He led two companies north to control Indian rebellions and murders. Unfortunately, the troops were ambushed by the Indians just north of the Little Withlacoochee River and Dade was killed by the first shot. The disaster took the lives of all the soldiers except three. This massacre on 28 Dec. 1835 really established the Second Seminole War.
The legislature was in session with plans to create another county in South Florida from Monroe County. In honor of Major Dade, they decided to name it Dade County, which became official in 1836. The first map to show it was probably the one prepared by Myer Cohen for his book (q.v.).This map of the site of the Dade Massacre is one of two which vary a little in their details. Lake George, the main origin of the St. John's River, is shown.


Reference: Cohen, Tebeau, Sprague

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