Bradford, Thomas Gamaliel (1802-1887)


This map is similar to the 1832 Hinton map but this one is a copper engraving not a lithographed map. The Mosquito County occupies most of the east coast and most of the west central part of the peninsula is labeled ""Indian Reserve"" and ""Seminoles"". Monroe County is the only one other than Mosquito in the southern and central part of the peninsula. In the panhandle between the Apalachicola River and Chipota River is a name ""Fayette"" designating a county between Jackson County on the north, Franklin County on the south and Washington County on the west. Fayette County was established in 1832 and extinguished in 1834. It was said to have been named for the Marquis de Lafayette. Fayette County later became reincorporated in Jackson County. ""La Fayette"" county was not created until 1856 and is more to the east. This is probably the only map to show Fayette County.
Other counties in Florida were created and later were either removed or the name was changed. One was Mosquito County which was created in 1824 and then banished in 1845. Another was Benton County, created in 1844 and changed to Hernando County in 1850. Hernando had been voted in as a county in 1843 but did not officially appear on a map until the name changed in 1850. A later one, New River County, was created in 1858 but was split into Baker and Bradford in 1861.
Thomas Bradford – no relation to the county name – was a publisher in Boston and New York.


Reference: Morris, Tooley

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