North America XIV Florida


Tanner, Henry Schenck (1786-1858)


This popular map of Florida is often available but usually not colored. The coloring was done later. Though dated 1834, it does not show Columbia and Franklin Counties which were created in 1832. Lake Okeechobee is called Lake Macaco (not Mayaco).
Even though the map was drawn by Tanner, it is usually known by the name SDUK which stands for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge even though the London society itself did not publish maps but had them published by Baldwin and Cradock (Fl. 1829-1834) until they went out of business in 1837. However, SDUK steel engraved plates were used by another publisher under the SDUK name until 1852, when they were sold to others. An 1845 edition of the Florida map is much rarer than this earlier 1834 edition. It is also labeled SDUK.


Reference: Ristow, Tooley

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