Map of Florida


Tanner, Henry Schenck (1786-1858)


This map is copied from the Vignoles map which was published by Tanner in 1823. Tanner also published this one the same year but gave no credit to Vignoles the surveyor. The description of the Everglades is the same on both maps i.e. ""Extensive Inundated Region covered with pine and Hammock Islands of all sizes and generally called the Everglades"" making them the first printed maps to name the Everglades. It also shows various Indian routes and tracks as well as other roads mostly in the upper peninsula. Tampa Bay has its name. General descriptions of the land are given such as ""Rich Open Savanna"", ""High Pine Lands"", ""Cypress Lands"" etc. as well as ""unexplored lands"" southeast of Tampa Bay.
Henry Tanner and his brother Benjamin (1775-1848) were engravers and publishers in New York and Philadelphia and formed a company with Vallance and Kearny. Henry left the company and went on his own. He is considered the first native born American to become a publisher. He also engraved maps for other famous mapmakers. This map was published in a later edition of his New American Atlas (1819 and later). This is one of the most collected maps of Florida.



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