Map of Florida


Vignoles, Charles (1793-1875)


This is the first map made of Florida after it officially became a Territory on March 30, 1822. It was ""Compiled and Drawn from various actual Surveys and Observations / By Charles Vignoles, Civil and Topographical Engineer, 1823, Engraved by H.S. Tanner and Assistants.""
Vignoles was born in England, a descendent of a Huguenot family. After serving in the British army he went to South Carolina in 1817 where he was appointed assistant to South Carolina's chief engineer. In 1820 he went to Florida and became engineer and surveyor to the City of St. Augustine in 1821. He spent two years surveying and exploring the territory and wrote his ""Observations upon the Floridas"" which was published the same year as the map in 1823, by E. Bliss and E. White in New York City. This is the first map to name the Everglades. The same year Tanner issued his own map of Florida which copies much from Vignoles map but he does not give Vignoles any credit.


Ristow p 131-131

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