Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Florida


Lucas, Fielding, Jr. (1781-1854)


This popular map is on a large page with two side columns of detailed descriptions of the state. It was drawn by Fielding Lucas, Jr. (1781-1854), engraved by Young & Delleker and published by Carey & Lea in Philadelphia, then owned and run by Henry Charles Carey (1793-1879) the eldest son of Mathew Carey, and Isaac Lea (1792-1886) who published ""A Complete Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas"" in 1822 with later editions in 1823 and 1827. Twenty of the maps in the atlas were contributed by Fielding Lucas (1781-1854) who was a map maker and publisher himself. A similar publication was done in Paris with the map labeled: Grave par Bide Beaupre.
The map shows only two counties: Escambia and St. Johns, both established in 1821 as the first two. Later, in 1822, Jackson and Duval were created but they are not shown on this map. However, they are on Lucas' 1823 map (q.v.). Otherwise the maps are quite similar. The engravers James Young and George Delleker also did work for Fielding Lucas' New and Elegant Atlas of 1823. Arrows show the flow of the Gulf Stream.


Ristow, Tooley

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