North America --- etc and boundary lines between the territories of Great Britain and Spain with the U.S.


Faden, William, Jr. (1749-1836)


This image shows the southeastern portion of a large wall map of North America on six sheets. The new Territory of Florida now has the northern and western boundaries that became permanent and exist today. Like earlier maps it shows the origin of the St. John's river in Lake Okeechobee as shown on the Bernard Roman's map of the Southeastern States in 1776-1794. This map was amended by James Wyld Sr. and reprinted as late as 1874.
William Faden was an engraver, cartographer and prolific publisher of maps who joined the family of Thomas Jefferys and took over the company in 1783. He published some important maps of the Colonies of North America including John Mitchell's map, George Gauld's map of Florida and ""The North American Atlas"" 1776-1778.


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Image: Boynton-Williams, pg 201

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