A New Map of Part of the United States of America--etc


Cary, John (1755-1835)


This map is dominated by Georgia which extends west all the way to the Mississippi River. Exclusive details are not as plentiful in East and West Florida. The eastern boundary of west Florida is at the Appalachicola River and the west boundary at the Mississippi River. The northern boundary of west Florida is along the St. Mary's River and extends west at that latitude to the Flint River. In the center of the state is a highland area labeled ""The Great Sandy Ridge"". Mayaco Lake (Lake Okeechobee) is a little too far south and is shown as the source of the St. John River. The southern portion of the peninsula is called ""Ancient Tegesta"". Many of the coastal names have persisted and are still the same today.


Published in Cary's ""New Universal Atlas containing distinct maps of all the principal states and kingdoms throughout the World. London, 1808.""
Servies No. 796, Tooley, Lowery

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