Gli Stati Uniti Dell'America --- etc.


Cassini, Giovanni Maria (Fl. 1788-1805)


The map shows Georgia, part of Carolina, part of Luigiana. The name Florida covers the Apalachesi area and extends into the peninsula. There is a dotted line separating the northwestern part from Louisiana and the northeastern boundary with Georgia. However, there is another line of dashes running along the 31 degree of latitude from the Mississippi River east to about where the St. Mary's River is located although the river is not shown. This line would correspond to the northern border of Florida designated in the 1783 Treaty of Paris. The lower portion of the peninsula is broken up into coastal islands, peninsulas, various lakes and a long river labeled ""F.S. Matteo"". The cartouche in the left lower corner shows an old man buying fish from two fishermen.
The map was published in Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale…. Rome, Italy. 1792-1801. 3 Volumes.


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