The United States of North America with the British Territories and those of Spain according to the Treaty of 1784


Faden, William, Jr. (1749-1836)


This map shows a clear picture of the territories of the two countries as determined by the 1783 Treaty of Paris. The northern border of Florida (Spanish) is at the 31 degree parallel and the St. Mary's River though there were disagreements about this at the time. Down the center of the East Florida Peninsula is the ""Great Sandy Ridge"" and also a line from Georgia down in the upper third of the peninsula labeled ""Division Line with the Creeks in 1765"" referring to the Treaty of Picolata between the British and the Indians allowing the Indians to use the interior land and the settlers to occupy the coastal land.
William Faden was the son of an engraver in England who later became an engraver, cartographer and publisher. He took over Thomas Jefferys' business in 1783. He published many maps relating to North American Possessions including the Gauld Map of Florida (q.v.). This is similar to the Abel Buell's and John Mitchell's maps. The comment about the retention of East and West Florida is interesting. ""The British Denomination of East and West Florida has been retained in this map, although we are not certain that it is adopted by the Spaniards.""


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