A Map of the Coast of East Florida from the River St. John Southward near to Cape Canaveral


Taitt, David


Published in William Bartram's ""Travels through North & South Carolina, Georgia, East & West Florida, Philadelphia"". 1791. Reprint by Dover Publications.
William Bartram was a botanist and son of John Bartram of Philadelphia who was also a botanist who along with William Stork, wrote a ""Description of East Florida"" based on his actual travels and observations. He persuaded his son William to also travel and describe the area which was then owned by Britain. The persistent interest in these two publications (the second one of which was not published until the British had lost the American colonies and Florida had been ceded back to Spain) can be attributed to the quality of their observations and descriptions rather than political interest in the area.
The detailed map of the upper east coast of Florida was one of the few published, in the early Spanish Period. The mapmaker David Taitt was a surveyor who worked on a survey of East and West Florida with Bernard Romans and George Gauld in 1771-1772. He also supplied information to John Stuart (superintendant of Indian affairs in the Southeast) for some of his maps (q.v.)


Bartram, William. ""Travels through North & South Carolina, Georgia, East & West Florida"". Philadelphia, 1791. Reproduced by permission of Yale University Press (
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