Plan of the Harbour and Settlement of Pensacola


Jefferys, Thomas (1710-1771)


This chart shows the Bay of Sta. Maria de Galres as well as the entrance from the Gulf of Mexico west of the protective Island of Sta. Rosa. The port and town of Pensacola was one of the controversial areas in west Florida during both the British and Spanish periods of Florida ownership. Both countries wanted it for trade as well as the French (though they were more concerned with New Orleans). The Spanish were not utilizing it or protecting it from use by other nations including the United States so this was one of the deciding factors that made Spain sell Florida to the United States in 1818.
It as first visited by Pamphile de Narvaes during his expedition, starting at Tampa Bay, called the Bahia de Espiritu Santo. It became the first area in Florida settled by the Spanish in 1559 but the settlement did not last until its second settlement in 1698. The name Pensacola is derived from the name of a local Indian tribe.
The Perdido river west of Pensacola is the current western border of Florida but before that West Florida sometimes was bordered by the Mississippi River.


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Image: from Roberts. Coverage Time: 1700s

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