Map of East and West Florida, Georgia and Louisiana


Bew, John (d. 1793)


This is a fairly accurate map of Florida based on “the Best Authorities,” including de Brahm and Romans and other British surveyors. The northern boundary is at 31° north latitude though some considered the northern border of West Florida to be 1° north of that (32°). Lake Okeechobee is called Lake Mayaco and is shown as the source of the St. Johns River, St. Lucia River and Delaware River (the name later given to the Okaloacoochee Slough).
In 1779 and 1780, General Don Bernardo de Galves – Governor of Louisiana and nephew of the Spanish minister of the Indies – took Baton Rouge and Mobile in West Florida but failed in two attempts to take Pensacola. He set out on a third attempt which was viewed as a great threat by the British and Major General Campbell, the commander in West Florida. Some settlers fled in anticipation of a Spanish victory. Fortunately for the British, the Spanish fleet was largely destroyed be a hurricane. Later, General Campbell increased the fortification in reclaimed Mobile.


Image scanned from a reproduction in a private collection.
Lowery No.638

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