Carte de la Lousianne et de la Floride


Bonne, Rigobert (1727-1795)


This map, though not limited to Florida, was created by the French engineer, mathematician and cartographer who succeeded Jacques Nicolas Bellin as hydrographer at the Depot de la Marine in 1773. It was published in Raynal’s Atlas de toutes les parties connues de Globe Terrestre in Geneva in 1780. The French held to their claim of Louisiana which on this map extends east of the Mississippi River with the only boundaries being those of Florida, Georgia & S. Carolina (Meridionale) – all English colonies at that time. In the Florida area, the only towns or forts are S. Augustin, S. Marc and perhaps Biloxi. Lake Okeechobee, called L. da St. Espril, is in what is now known as the Everglades. Cape Sable is called P. de Tanche and Tampa Bay is B. du S. Esprit (French derivation of the Spanish Speritu Santu. The St. Johns River (R. S. Jean) originates in the southern one third of the peninsula. To the north is Picolata, the name of the English/Indian Treaty of 1765. All in all, the map is fairly accurate as far as Florida is concerned.


Image scanned from a reproduction in a private collection.
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