Map of Part of West Florida from Pensacola to the Mouth of the Iberville River with a View to Show the Proper Spot for a Settlement on the Mississippi.


Lodge, John (1755-1796)


This map of part of West Florida was published in Gentleman’s Magazine February 1772. As designated by the 1763 Treaty of Paris the western boundary of West Florida was the Mississippi River. This was later contested by France and Spain and eventually adjusted eastward. The “proper spot for settlement” is the current location of Baton Rouge.
John Hodge was a geographer and engraver in London who was apprenticed to Thomas Jefferys in 1750. He was responsible for many maps of America that appeared in Gentleman’s Magazine and other publications. His son John followed in his footsteps and worked as engraver for John Bew, who published a map of East and West Florida - - - etc. in 1781 (q.v.).


Image scanned from a reproduction in a private collection.
References: Tooley
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