The Coast of West Florida and Louisiana. The Peninsula and Gulf of Florida or Channel of Bahama with the Bahama Islands


Jefferys, Thomas (1710-1771)


Published by Robert Sayer in American Atlas in 1771. Reprinted Feb 1775.
This two sheet map is one of the most popular maps of Florida. Though it retains many of the original Spanish place names – such as Bay of Spiritu Santo (Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Bay) and Spiritu Santo Lagoon (Lake Okechobee) – it adds English names such as Sandwich Gulf (between the Promontory and the upper bays) named after the Earl of Sandwich, who never visited the area.
Thomas Jefferys was considered one of the premier map makers of the 18th century. He was geographer to Frederick Prince of Wales in 1748 and later to King George III. He did many maps of the New World as well as England but unfortunately went bankrupt in 1765. Some of his business interests were acquired by Robert Sayer and were later taken over by William Faden after Jefferys’ death in 1771. This map was published after his death.


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