Plan de la Ville et Port de St. Augustin


Bellin, Jacques Nicolas (1703-1772)


This view of St. Augustine was drawn by Jean Claude Dezauche, who flourished as a French engraver, geographer, editor and map seller. He was followed in mapping by his son during the early 1800’s, who was also at the Depot de la Marine. This view was engraved by Groisey but very little is known about him.
The city and port of St. Augustine was kept by the British as the capital of East Florida and was active as an export center. The fort had been strengthened considerably by the Spanish during the last decade of their ownership of Florida by having slaves reinforce the walls with cochina, a natural stone of the area.
This image differs somewhat from the Boazio view of 1588 and the one by Thomas Silver in 1740. It shows Fort Negro, a bastion manned by runaway slaves.


Image scanned from a reproduction in a private collection.
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